Ideas For Renovate A Kitchen With Little Money And Time

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 - Kitchen Ideas
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Ideas For Renovate A Kitchen With Little Money And Time. Time passes for everyone, and now you’ve noticed that the kitchen is one of the spaces of the home faster aging. This is because it is exposed to a continuous comings and goings of various temperatures, vapors, food and liquids and products of cleaning, etc. that is good thing to be renovate kitchen with little money and time, you’ll probably wonder how? Because then you have to see the following information.

Simple Ways To Renovate The Kitchen With Little Money And Time

Paint the cabinets

They are very spoiled or you tired their colour? Choose another combination with the rest of the room. You can paint them if they are of natural wood or lacquered, and also use special finishes that you can find in your usual DIY store.

Place a Slate

Yes, you can place a cork and wood that you buy or send to develop tailored, clear. But I am referring to turn a kitchen wall into slate. Converts any wall of your House to a practical and fun slate, thanks to synthetic paint matte finish that makes the times of this mineral and can be painted on any smooth surface.

Maybe, you should choose a wall in your kitchen and give life: put crayons on hand so that you can leave notes, messages, ideas, recipes, division of tasks in the home, etc. It may be the shopping list ideal, taking a photo with cell phone before heading out to the market.

Paint or Cover The Tiles

Disabuse you, they don’t have to be the same tiles throughout life. You can paint them with enamel paint, and try with matte or satin paint to give them an original and attractive touch. You can also cover the area that you want with lacquered glass, glossy or matte. It sticks directly on tile, plugging, and there are many colors available to you so that you can choose which you prefer. It is also very easy to clean with a damp cloth and its brightness will make that space optically, increase because this is thanks to the depth of the mirror effect. By the way, mirrored the walls of the kitchen is another great option, since was gained both light and space.

Another great idea is to place wallpaper. That Yes, in the kitchen, it’s much better to put decorative vinyl which is easy to clean and will last longer. And remember that if you want to put them on together, cover them first with Aguaplast.

Renews The Kitchen Floor

It has been renovated walls, cabinets, furniture, and the Blues, but the floor is another visual component of each room with several possibilities. You can change without doing great works and with little money. You only need to replace floor tiles with a laminated, putting an insulating plastic on the floor to protect it from moisture. Once you’ve put a special base to put sheets on this plastic, you can put them and move forward with Sockets.

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