Corner Kitchen Table for Simple but Cozy Breakfast Nook at Home

Friday, August 10th, 2018 - Kitchen Ideas

We don’t have to design eating area in the middle of certain room. Sometimes, it can be just around the kitchen. However, it can also be just in the corner of a room. If you decide on making simple but cozy breakfast nook, corner kitchen table is your choice. Although that kind of dinettes basically has similar design, many of them offer different looks for us to take into account. Let me tell you two of them here.

Breakfast Nook 3 Piece Corner Dining Set, Black

It seems that this corner dinette is the one with the most common design so far. To tell you the truth, this set of corner kitchen table is pretty simple. It consists of two corner/wall nooks with seating, one table, and one bench. It is said to have been constructed with durable MDF. So, even if it looks like to have thin body, this dinette is still made strong and sturdy since it is constructed with durability.

You see, this set of corner kitchen table is also pretty chic as well. The chic look is contributed by rich, black finish used on them. So, whatever color on the walls or floor, it can still fit in the corner nicely. Black is pretty neutral type of colors after all. You can spend your time to eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner comfortably in your simple but cozy nook at home. You will like how chic it can be in the room corner.

Nelson Corner Breakfast Nook Set

The set of corner kitchen table this time is not thin-looking like the first one above. It consists of corner nook, table, bench and also chair. The table top might have been made with engineered wood, but it has chrome legs below it. The same legs are applied to other pieces. However, they are designed with light brown cotton/linen blend upholstery. So, you can be sure they are comfortable.

Furthermore this corner table set has the table top finished with textured white oak finish. The light color matches the chrome in its legs while still complementing the other pieces with brown upholstery on them. The set of corner kitchen table like this looks pretty modern, while the first one before is more traditional. This modern set will be a breakfast nook that is nice even to be just looked at.

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