Drop Leaf Kitchen Table: Good Choice for Minimalist Dining Room

Friday, August 10th, 2018 - Kitchen Ideas

If your house is a minimalist house that only have little space for every room, the chioice to use drop-leaf table is the right choice. This table is a type of tables with two hinged sections that can be dropped in each side. It allows you to get a double table in one set. If you have many guests, you just need to pull up the other sides of the table. But, if you want to make it simple, just let the other sides, around the main section folded. This is an effective and multifunctions table especially if you use it in your dining room that is usually called drop leaf kitchen table.

Drop leaf kitchen table is usually used in the dining room where the family gather and eat together. It can be placed either near the wall or in the middle of kitchen. Because of its flexibility, many people choose it, especially for those who live in apartment and did not have a space for dining room. The table can be a small table with two chairs if you just need it to eat your breakfast or dinner. The flexibility also makes this table easy to fold either fold it up or fold it down. So, if you do not use it anymore after eating, you can fold the wings side of the table.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Review

Most of people choose this table because drop leaf kitchen table is simple and multifunctional table. This table is also made from sturdy material that make it last long than other types. This table is built in strong form but elegant look. The shape can be either round or square shape. It depends on your kitchen and dining design. The colors are also matching with your kitchen design. Do not make it too contrast with your kitchen design even though the table can be hidden somewhere when you do not need it.

This simple drop leaf kitchen table is available in square and circle shape. The height of the table is around 75 to 80 cm. If it is a circle or a round drop leaf kitchen table, the diameter is about 90 to 100 cm. In addition, for the square table, the size is about 80cm x 80 cm. Four to six people can fill the table. For the round type, the dropped part usually on its right and left side of table and if the dropped parts did not use, the shape will look like a square table. Then, it also can be put on the wall to minimize the use of space in your dining room.

The square drop leaf kitchen table has similar function and shape with the round table. However, it differs in the dropped parts. The square shape can have dropped parts either on its right and left side, or on its center parts. This is the uniqueness of this table. You can fold the center part if you do not need much space for your food. But if you have more guests eating together with you, you can open the folded part and make it as a big dining table. How good this table that can give you many benefit and easiness.

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