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Rustic Kitchen Table for Old, Natural Look in the Kitchen: home_kitchen_design_rustic_kitchen_table_for_old_natural_look_in_the_kitchen8

There is more than one idea for home design. Have you ever tried rustic idea before? Just because it looks old and raw, it does not mean that it is a bad choice. Even rustic kitchen table can look unexpectedly good if it can complement the room design where it is put in. To tell you the truth, there are many rustic tables for kitchen you can choose. They appear with various looks after all. Let’s see them here.

Salvaged Wood Dining Table by Padmas Plantation

By a first look only, you will immediately know how traditional this rustic kitchen table appears to be. Made by reclaimed, old pine wood, it is designed with pedestal table base. It has pretty wide round table top while it also has planks of wood crossing each other as its supports. In its creation, the reclaimed pine has been bleached for the purpose of making natural texture and charm to be seen more clearly from it.

Furthermore, since it is that of rustic style, it has distressed finish used on it, of course. That is why this rustic kitchen table looks so raw in its appearance. Even so, this table will look good if it is paired with chairs that have wickerwork on them. It will be good if the chairs have aged white cushion on them as well. To make it fit well in the room design, you can place this table and the chairs on pale-white carpet.

Bellamy Dining Table by Magnussen

The second kitchen table with rustic style here is better in its design. Despite its rustic look, you can take a liking to its form. It has rectangular table top with the top layer larger than the one attached right below it. What is so good from this rustic kitchen table is the design in its legs. The wood is carved in double S shape. This was pretty common design used in the past. It looks really good in rustic furniture nowadays.

Pine solids and antique brass hardware with pewter overlay are what is used to construct this rustic kitchen table. As finishing touch, it is finished with deep weathered pine finish. This kind of tables would be good in a room with gray wall and white ceiling. Having carpet with light gray and white pattern is all the more better to put this table on. Although it is traditionally rustic, it looks pretty charming at the same time.

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