Kitchen Lights Over Table Kitchen Table Lighting

Saturday, October 31st, 2015 -
Kitchen Lights Over Table Kitchen Table Lighting
Kitchen Table Lighting: 4 Things to Consider Making the Choice: Kitchen Lights Over Table Kitchen Table Lighting

There are still a lot of things to learn when it comes to home design. Designing a room can’t be done in improper way. There are some suggestions that are better followed in order to enhance the look of your room. So, how about the eating area in the kitchen then? How are we supposed to choose the right kitchen table lighting ? If you are confused to choose one, you can consider 4 things below.

Creating Mood with Sculptural Element

Eating area mainly consists of table and chairs. Regardless of the size of the room where these kinds of furniture are placed, you will need kitchen table lighting to create nice mood in that place. You are going to eat there often after all. The kind of lightings for kitchen table that is good to choose is light fixture. This sculptural element enhances the area with its beauty while being functional to light the place.

Choosing Light Shape by Table Shape

The second thing you need to think of is the choice you will have to make for the light shape. In order to choose the right shape for the kitchen table lighting, you will need to consider the table shape. If you have rectangular table, it will be proportional with linear fixtures. It goes the same with small, round table. For that table, you can choose globe or round chandelier. It does its job to echo the table shape.

Hanging Light in Proper Height

If it is about how high you must hang table light in the kitchen, there is standard rule for it. From the bottom fixture to the top of the table, kitchen table lighting should be 36 inches high. This is the standard rule for a room with standard single height. If it is double, then the proper height for the light from the bottom to the table top should be 40 inches high. If there is rule for it, you better stick to it.

Picking the Bulb with Good Power

This is the last, but not the least thing you need to consider about kitchen table lighting. I am sure you have been wondering about how much electric power you will need for the bulb. If you are going to eat with the loved one, it would be best to have dim light to make dramatic atmosphere. But, you will need brighter one, if you eat with the kids. 60 to 75-watt bulb is a good choice. Make sure the light power is adjustable.

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